Brave the rapids!
Brave the rapids! White water rafting is up there with the most extreme of activities on many people's bucket list, as the mad rush of adrenaline and sense of achievement felt by the end of the river rapids is enough to surpass even the most climactic of experiences on your big stag weekend. The fantastically hairy and scary white water runs that the UK is blessed with provide a day time activity worthy of preceding your big night out, as the thrills and spills gained out on the great splash will be some of the most memorable of the entire trip - for more reasons than just being the most sober part!
From the sheer power and energy of the waters to the panty-pooping sight of what's unavoidably ahead, the high octane Olympic sport has been used as a team building exercise since the 80s, proving an excellent way to build bonds and forge friendships under the extreme urgency of the situation. Understandable really, as when your parcel has precipitated that far inside of you and all you can see are the gawping faces and flailing arms of your terrified chums as the water crashes and splashes everywhere - it's definitely no time to be a loner! With a life jacket and helmet keeping you all safer than a safe man's safe thing - you, the instructor and up to six of your stag party buddies will have your most serious faces on as you frantically clamber about attempting to control your ore thrusts in the great swell...
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White Water Rafting Stag Party

The crashing and splashing franticness of white water rafting make the Olympic sport one of the most exciting options for an adventurous weekend.


By day wander the streets of the old town sampling the local beers, then when the sun sets discover the heaving bars down the backstreets!
From: £75.00


The capital of Wales is rife with activity and party atmosphere, from match day at The Millennium Stadium to Welsh women up for a good time.
From: £62.00


With enough traditional pubs and babe-filled bars to burst the burliest of bagpipes, Edinburgh comes with a stag party stamp of approval.
From: £49.00


Almost forgotten about during the dark days of communism, Krakow is very much alive and is a beer lover's paradise with thousands of bars.
From: £65.00


The medieval city of Prague still boasts gothic castles and cobbled streets, only now the streets flow with stunning women and cheap beer!
From: £72.00

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