Learn from professionals
Learn from professionals If you're part of the generation that was brought up on films like Die Hard and Predator, there's something special about the sight of a grown man firing an automatic weapon. Ok, we might not all have bulging muscles like Arnie or Bruce but the dream of firing an AK-47 can come true. You might never have thought that you'd even get to hold one, let alone shoot one, but all across Eastern Europe (where else?) you really can have the chance to fire off clip after clip.
Ever wanted to be a hero?
Ever wanted to be a hero? Dig out your grubby white vest, silently tie up your headband and tool up because with this stag party you actually get to be Rambo or John McClane. After a thorough safety briefing it'll be your turn to pull the trigger and aim at a series of targets. Of course, in your head they will be foot soldiers of an evil dictator or international drug lord. When all the lads have had a go at shooting, you get to examine the targets and find out which one of you would be the hero and who would have been a misfiring extra killed off in the first reel.
Bring out the big guns
Bring out the big guns The AK-47 might be the undisputed king of automatic weapons but there are some other pretty extraordinary thrills to be had in Eastern Europe. Try the legendary M16 or equally deadly Glock. You can even try your hand at firing pump action shotguns and high-powered sniper rifles. Basically anything short of a rocket launcher and you're in business. Whatever you do though, don't hit the groom!
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Shooting Stag Party

Like something straight out of an 80's action movie, get up close and personal with an assortment of weaponry and get ready to fire your load!


By day wander the streets of the old town sampling the local beers, then when the sun sets discover the heaving bars down the backstreets!
From: £48.00


Budapest is something of a clubbing mecca, with giant open air clubs lining the Danube which will leave you 'Hungary' for more (sorry)!
From: £62.00


Almost forgotten about during the dark days of communism, Krakow is very much alive and is a beer lover's paradise with thousands of bars.
From: £53.00


The medieval city of Prague still boasts gothic castles and cobbled streets, only now the streets flow with stunning women and cheap beer!
From: £52.00


If there's one thing Eastern Europeans love it's partying, and Riga is no exception with bustling nightlife and clubs heaving with local beauties.
From: £39.00


Hidden away for decades behind the Iron Curtain, Tallinn is now enjoying its newfound place as one of Europe's stag party capitals.
From: £82.00


Cheap booze, thriving clubs and Kalashnikovs - Carling don't do stag parties, however Vilnius does and they are the stuff legends are made of!
From: £70.00

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