How will the stag escape?
How will the stag escape? When planning your groom's stag do, you really want it to be a joyous and happy occasion that he'll cherish for the rest of his life. Nah, of course you don't! You want to see him terrified and humiliated to the point he's wetting himself. That's why you should arrange to have the stag kidnapped. Not seriously, of course. But then he won't know that. This is one way to create that genuine look of terror but still know everything is going to turn out well. Especially when he gets 'released' in a strip bar later on.
Let's hope he has a sense of humour
Let's hope he has a sense of humour A team of top professionals carries out the kidnapping, but it's going to need at least one or two of you to be in on the plan to make it seem authentic. You'll need to tell the rest of the lads it's a hoax - you never know, one of them might step in and try to save his buddy from danger (not bloody likely). It's the best man's job to keep your party under control and you're all going to need to pull off Oscar-worthy performances to make sure the groom thinks it's 100% genuine.
A change of underwear may be required
A change of underwear may be required While the stag is bundled off blindfolded to an unknown (at least to him) destination and chained to a dancing pole, you have all been hurried to the venue. Finally his blindfold is removed to reveal all his mates and some smoking hot girls. It'll be the perfect combination of utter relief and total embarrassment. Perfect.
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Kidnap the Stag Party

The Eastern Europeans have a crazy sense of humour - Let them stage a fake kidnap experience for the groom and wet yourselves with laughter.


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