Who let the dogs out?
Who let the dogs out? The age old sport of dog racing is as popular now as it ever has been, as a day spent throwing your beer tokens at some slender bitches and some dirty dogs sure fits the bill as the ultimate stag do idea. After a day of drinking and doubling your dough at the races, you'll be ready for an evening of antics not too dissimilar to the day - intently chasing a bit of fluff around with your tongues hanging out and foaming at the mouth... well you can't teach an old dog new tricks can you?!
More fun than you can shake a bone at
More fun than you can shake a bone at With nearly 30 official stadiums, 6,000 races and over 80m gambled on the pooches each year in England alone - the sport with its roots in regal recreation goes a long way to igniting the excitement and atmosphere that makes for the most unforgettable of weekend parties.
Enjoy some fine bitches
Enjoy some fine bitches As everybody knows, the best tasting drinks are the free ones - so a big win for one of your gambling gentry can make each cool beverage all the more sweet... to both your pallet and your wallet. From the camaraderie and competition amongst the chaps to celebrating your cards coming in with a big win; the grandeur of the greyhounds make the day time activities of your stag party a one dog race...
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Greyhound Racing Stag Party

Double your dough down at the dogs and enjoy a few beers with a good old fashioned day at the races.


God's Waiting Room no more, the sandy beaches of Bournemouth are now crammed with bikini baring local lasses!
From: £18.00


The home of Premier League dominators Man Utd & Man City is also the birthplace of some of the UK's finest ever music scenes and clubs.
From: £45.00


Up on Geordie shores they have more pumping party places to enjoy than you could shake your empty bottle of Newky Brown Ale at!
From: £34.00

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