Do you have the balls to throw yourself off a cliff?
Do you have the balls to throw yourself off a cliff? Coasteering is one of the more active experiences high up there on your stag do ideas list, as the adrenalised sense of achievement to be grappled out on the rocks and in the splash is second to none. From giant leaps of faith to pool-spanning zipwires - the hands on challenge of the country's circumference provides a natural playground to make any water park seem like a big wet blanket, and insignificant by comparison.
A unique way to enjoy Britain's scenic coastline
A unique way to enjoy Britain's scenic coastline In little more than just a wetsuit and lifejacket, you and your fellow stag party of coasteerers will be climbing, pulling and jumping-right-in on the most memorable of extreme excursions around the country's edge - clambering up, over and across all of the tricky terrains in your path. With a range of daring disciplines like canyoning, gorge walking and scrambling all providing a similar feeling of eagerness and excitement, your obstacle packed journey will have you exercising muscles you didn't know existed, and testing the bottle behind your bravado - as there's only one way down when faced with a sheer drop the size of a multi-storey car park!
Don't forget your helmet...
Don't forget your helmet... If coasteering is the closest you get to curvaceous contours on your big weekend then it's no bad thing, as the thrills and spills of an afternoon exploring the nooks and crannies tucked away on the coast can have you as dripping wet and excited as any of the weekend's other activities!
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Coasteering Stag Party

How better to spend the big stag do weekend than throwing yourself off cliff faces and clambering back up the other side?


God's Waiting Room no more, the sandy beaches of Bournemouth are now crammed with bikini baring local lasses!
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The capital of Wales is rife with activity and party atmosphere, from match day at The Millennium Stadium to Welsh women up for a good time.
From: £56.00

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