These are not just any tours
These are not just any tours What do people do on stag weekends? They drink beer. Where do they make beer? In a brewery. It doesn't take a genius to cut out the middle man. It's actually a stunning display of efficiency. If only you could apply the same logic at work. A brewery tour is a great way to kick off any day of a stag party.
The proof is in the tasting
The proof is in the tasting The great thing about beer is that they make it more or less everywhere! Whether you're in the UK or in Eastern Europe, there's going to be a brewery somewhere close by. And if they (the fools) let you onto their premises to have a look round, then they've only got themselves to blame. And, of course, any good brewery tour - and let's face it, it's the only reason you're here - should end with a tasting session. With some of the Eastern European beers being the best in the world, it's definitely a good idea to get your money's worth.
The holy sacrament of beer
The holy sacrament of beer The tasting is obviously the primary aim of going but there is something about being in a brewery that is deeply religious. It's what it must feel like for some people being in church. The magical process that takes place to convert such simple ingredients into such delicious beer is so glorious to behold. It almost makes you want to weep with joy. But there'll be time for tears later (believe us, tomorrow morning you'll really feel like crying) but for now, there's a beer with your name on it.
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Brewery Tour Stag Party

Man has had a love affair with alcohol since it was discovered way back in 4000 BC, and what better way to celebrate this than a brewery tour?


Home to the famous Red Light District, Amsterdam should be at the top of any stags list who wants to experience local culture and chill out.
From: £30.00


By day wander the streets of the old town sampling the local beers, then when the sun sets discover the heaving bars down the backstreets!
From: £45.00



The seaside party town of Brighton is packed with some of the coolest and most alternative party scenes found in the country.

From: £36.00


The medieval city of Prague still boasts gothic castles and cobbled streets, only now the streets flow with stunning women and cheap beer!
From: £26.00

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